Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Hard to Push on Carpet – Troubleshooting Guide


Dyson ball multi floor 2 can vacuum both carpets and hard floors. The Dyson company claims it. But who have already purchased it or who are using it, have different opinions. Their complaint is that the vacuum does not work well on the hard carpet; it gets stuck. In many cases, it is also seen that the vacuum having too much suction on carpets.

The users are facing this problem; this is true. But they think it is an internal problem of their used unit, and it is not valid. On the regular tiles floor, it does not create any mess. But the issue occurs when the carpet chapter appears. Let’s find out behind the scenes of this problem. 

Dyson Multi Floor 2 Hard to Push 

Most new users who buy the Dyson vacuum face that their Dyson ball hard to push on carpet. The vacuum cleaner works appropriately on the floor of tiles. But the vacuum suction is so strong to clean hardwood floors with some thin carpets. 

Some new users also say that they put pressure on the cleaner with all their power and upper body strength to move the vacuum across the carpet. Fortunately, their vacuum cleaner did not break. 

Some users try the on/off process, but it didn’t change the result. There are one or two simple tricks you can apply as the solution to this matter. If you face such a problem to clean the carpet, then follow the explanations given in the next section. Whatever solution you feel easy can apply. All are workable.

Solution -1: Create Space Between Bottom of the Vacuum

You have to go through some basic steps to create space between the bottom. You need a 2¾ inches PVC pipe. You can get this pipe at Depot or Lowe’s or a local hardware shop near to your house. You have to cut the pipe like the image. The picture mentions the size of the pipe to be cut.

After cutting down the pipe through the diameter, you are ready to apply the main process.

  • Unplug the vacuum and flip it over.
  • Remove the red clip because you have to remove the brush head.
  • Now release the head unit.
  • Remove the entire floating plate of the brush head.
  • Once the little PVC pipe is done, you have to back again to the floating unit.
  • Place and tie the pipe like the image mentioned below.
  • Now affix the floating unit to the head, and the final output should be looked like this.
  • If all are done, then you notice a space between the bottom of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, reset the vacuum and plug-in. 
  • Restart the vacuum, and it should work perfectly on the carpet.

Solution -2: Install The Filter Properly

This way is a very simple and standard solution than the previous one. You don’t need to buy any pipe, don’t require any scaling, don’t need any cuts to apply this method. In this solution, you have to work with the interior hardware section. Follow the below steps one by one.

  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner. 
  • Take off the filter and undo the filter lid.
  • Take off the cover and closely take a look at the filter.
  • You will find a blue and black arrow, and the arrows are not appropriately matched.
  • Twist the filter slightly, so the arrows lined up.
  • Aligning arrows correctly locks the filter and does not jam up the wheel.
  • When the arrows are in the proper line, then screw the filter cover in its place again.
  • Finally, plug in the vacuum cleaner and restart the machine.
  • The cleaner will move freely.

So, misaligned filter arrows are the main reason behind our problem. After properly aligned the filer arrows, it will start to work extremely well.

Solution -3: Removing Entire Brush Head Plate

This is the last solution you may apply if your Dyson is hard to push on the carpet. But this is not an actual method to troubleshoot it. Some users have used this troubleshooting method, and they have got a good result.

There are no restricted steps you have to follow for this troubleshooting. All you have to do is remove the entire plate of the vacuum cleaner head. You may try this method. If it works for you, then welcome. Otherwise, try to apply the first two methods.

Final Word

If the Dyson Ball multi floor 2 is hard to push on the carpet, it will be an excellent mess for the new users. It would have been much better for the users if the manufacturing company had given a solution in advance. Unfortunately, we don’t have any proper answer from Dyson. 

But described 3 methods are hopefully the best methods for Dyson ball multi floor 2 troubleshooting.

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