Dyson dc17 Noise Reasons and Fixing


Dyson is a brand that made our most valuable cleaning machine, vacuum cleaner. Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are found in almost every home. There are plenty of Dyson vacuum cleaner models on the market. Today’s topic is about Dyson dc17 Animal; Dyson released this model in 2011. It was the first vacuum cleaner in the Dyson dc Animal lineup. There are many older users of Dyson who have been using this model. Yet, many suggest the same model to the new generation. 

Dyson dc17 Animal’s user reviews are good enough. However, you have to face some problems using electric devices. Many users sometimes point out that their Dyson dc17 making loud noise that should not be happened. In this article, we will be talking about Dyson dc17 noise reasons and fixing. 

Dyson dc17 Animal can Make Different Types of Noise

It is a big question. Could your newly purchased Dyson DC16 have a sound-related problem like this? Thankfully no. If you face such a problem, it will happen after several years of use. So, it is not concerning, but you have to solve this issue if it occurs. At first, you have to find out the reasons behind it. The problem with sound here is that there can be different types of noise. It would help if you observed the noise of the vacuum cleaner well. Otherwise, you cannot tell why your Dyson dc17 making grinding noise. 

We obviously identify Dyson dc17 Noise Reasons and try to fix them. But before that, let’s get to know the types of Dyson dc17 noise.

Whistle Type Noise 

If you hear a whistle-type sound while cleaning your carpet with a Dyson dc17, that is the whistling noise. This term is usually caused by air leakage.

Popping Noise 

Sometimes popping sound with a really strong burning odor indicates a motor failure in your Dyson vacuum cleaner. This noise could be connected with the motor and usually a post-motor filter replacement. 

Ratchet Noise

This sound is scary. You will immediately turn off the device in fear when you hear this sound. If you have a small child around the cleaner at that moment, he may cry out in fear. This type of sound only occurs in Dyson vacuum cleaners with clutches.

Why is My Dyson dc17 Making a Loud Noise?

There are different reasons behind Dyson dc17 noise problem. Since the noise types are different, the solutions are also different. It makes a grinding noise because of dirt inside the vacuum, any leakage, or Blockage. Most of the time, the problems and solutions are straightforward. If you are experiencing strange noises from your Dyson dc17 animal, listen to the noise and apply our troubleshooting method.

Problem 1: Air leakage or Blockage

Whistling noise creates some kind of air leakage, blockage, or torn seals. If you face a whistling sound and your cleaner has a loss of suction, you should check for leakage problems. DC07 or DC14 has a filter named HEPA. The HEPA filter may be a problem for those models. Since it is DC17, you don’t need to care about it. In this case, you have to check the air filter thoroughly.


If there is any leakage inside the air filter, you must replace the air filter to solve the leakage problem. If the Dyson bin has lots of buildups, clean them fast to remove the Blockage and get maximum suction power. Thus, you can get rid of whistling noise.

Problem 2: Blocked Bleed Valve

When the bleed bulb is blocked, you can hear a popping noise is coming out from the Dyson dc17. Some say their Dyson dc17 is making grinding noise. Most of the time, grinding and popping sounds act similarly. This problem with motor and post-motor replacement is only possible to troubleshoot at the repair center. However, for many of our clients, this problem was very simple. Their Dyson’s bleed valve was blocked. 


If the popping noise is due to motor, you have to go to the repair center and find the solution. And if the vacuum’s bleed valve is blocked, then clear the Blockage. Your problem will be solved.

Problem 3: Brush Bar Blockage

Brush bar blockage reduces suction of Dyson vacuum cleaner. It is also a reason behind Dyson dc17 loud noise. This usually happens when something stops the brush bar. It stops the brush bar to prevent the belt from breaking and makes a ratchet sound to warn you. This sound can scare you.


This noise is loud, but this problem is not so terrible. You can get rid of this problem by cleaning the vacuum brush bar. To clean the Dyson dc17 animal brush bar, read the user guide of your vacuum cleaner. The process is quite easy.

Final Verdict

You cannot run a vacuum cleaner all your life. After a sudden time, it will start to act like something messy. Making loud noise is one of those problems. But now you know the Dyson dc17 noise reasons and fixing. So, if you face such a problem, please don’t panic. Apply our troubleshooting methods. You must get a good result.

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