Dyson DC24 & DC25 Power Cord Replacement


Dyson DC24 and DC25 both are amazing vacuum cleaners with super maneuverability as they have ball technology. For many reasons your DC24 or DC25 vacuum power switch may be broken or damaged. Now the power cord of these vacuum cleaners can be replaced easily.

How to Replace the power cord of Dyson DC24 and DC25?

So as we said already power cord need to be substituted at the time. Sometimes you might accidentally push your roller on the cord or it could be chewed by your pet. Whatever the reason is it happens, no big deal.  You don’t have to go to a repair store for spending your valuable money, it can be fixed at home.

In this guide, we will show you how to replace the power cord of your Dyson DC24 or DC25 easily at your home in 5 simple steps. Continue reading to know more.

Stage 1: First of all unplugged DC25 or DC24 and keep it upright. Then remove gently the canister from the vacuum. Then pull up the extension hose by a slight push. After that take off all the screws with a Torx screwdriver. Screws could be a little tight and flimsy just hold it till it gets out.

Stage 2: After pulling all four screws you have to press the two end tabs of the vacuum cover. The power switch remains beneath here. This is the center area of the Dyson DC24 and DC25. You will see all the electrical wires and joints that connect all the functions here.

Stage 3: Now disconnect the cables one by one. Remember don’t pull or remove the cables directly rather pick the plastic cover points and remove them safely. You can replace the switch as well if it is broken or damaged. To get the white cable out cut the top of the black point of the cable and now remove your old power cord.

Stage 4: Now put back your new power cord or repaired power cord to the vacuum cleaner. You have to make sure that you are pulling by picking their grips not the cables directly. It could hard the cables. Between the cables, only one is long enough to reach the part. Bend the two parts by using the old cable if necessary.

Stage 5: The last step before fit in is to locate the switch and interface button in their positions. Re-install all the screws and put the top cover in place accurately.

End Note:

Dyson DC24 and DC25 both are similar in many perspectives The greatest difference lies n their sizes. Both can accomplish good achievements. If you follow above mentioned easy steps you can repair it easily and don’t need to go repair shops. 

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