Dyson dc25 Hose not Working: Troubleshoot the Vacuum


The Dyson dc25 is a popular vacuum of Dyson. It is a true cleaner of everyone’s regular life. Simply, it is a great instrument, but sometimes it won’t suck. It is many’s problems that their Dyson dc25 hose not working. New products have not such issue. This type of problem is noticeable in long-used vacuum cleaners. 

If the Dyson dc25 hose is not sucking in your house, then it will be a terrible problem for you. There is more than one reason why Dyson dc25 is not working. You must know them and repair the cleaner soon. Let’s find out the issues. It may be a big problem if you don’t know where to start. It would help if you were prepared for any upcoming situation. 

Reasons dc25 Hose not Working

Dyson vacuums stop working for numerous reasons. They have different models, and so, problems are not very similar. Thankfully, there are only four reasons that prevent a vacuum from sucking. The number of the issues might be less, but any problems can make you suffer. If you face a problem with your Dyson dc25 hose, you must be aware of the reasons.

Problem 1: The Filter is Damaged

Dyson dc25 hose’s filter is washable. Notice it; Dyson dc25 has two filters. You have to check both of them. You will find the pre-motor filter in the cyclone assembly. This cleaner often does not work correctly if the filter is not clean. You have to open the filter section and check it. The Post-motor filter is located inside the vacuum motor. You also check it is dirty or not.

If the filter is not cleaned like the above image, you have to clean it. A deteriorate filter is responsible for stopping the vacuum cleaner from working.


You have to clean the filter after every three months. It is easy to wash. Take the help of the user guide to remove the filter from the vacuum. Rinse it into the water until it clears. Please leave it to dry for 24 hours. Re-set the filter inside the vacuum cleaner. If you cannot clean the filter, then replace it.

Problem 2: Dirty or Cracked Hose

If the filter is clean enough, check the machine’s seals. Dyson dc25 has three hoses. Check the hoses to find splits or tears. A damaged hose can cause the vacuum to lose suction. The hoses are not durable enough. Gradually these hoses become weaker. So, there is a good chance of cracking. You may not find any splits, but a tiny crack can cause a loss of suction. It is a vital problem you should care about most. The three hoses are; Rear central hose has run down; Change-over valve hose; Bottom duct hose. 


If any of the hosen is cracked or split, the machine will stop working. It cannot be repaired. The only solution is replacing the damaged hose with a new hose. In that case, you have to purchase Dyson dc25 hose replacement. Every replacement part of the vacuum cleaner is available at Dyson Store.

Problem 3: Ducting Blockage

Blockage of ducting can also be a reason for Dyson dc25 hose being stuck. Since the hoses are connected with ducting, you need to remove the hoses first and check for blockage inside the ducting. Another last ducting is located near the brush head. You have to remove the brush head to access that ducting easily. If you don’t know how to remove these parts, check the Dyson dc25 hose removal guide. Also, check for clogs at the base of the hoses. A vacuum cleaner will not work if there is a blockage inside these parts.


There is no solution without cleaning the blockage of ducting. Remove the hoses, and clean if there is any hair, dirt, or jam inside the ducting. Since you remove the brush head to access the bottom ducting, clean the brush head. It won’t take much time.

Problem 4: Fault in Motor

If the vacuum isn’t working after trying all the three above solutions, then the rest is the motor left to be checked. Properly clean the dirt and debris of those areas. Even then, the machine refuses to suck the surface, you have to change the motor. Anybody can easily understand the faulty of the engine. The faulty motor sounds loud, and sometimes a burned smell will come out from the machine. The motor is the primary function of the Dyson Vacuum. Everything perfect means the motor is damaged. 


You have to replace the motor. Just buy a new motor from the Dyson official store and replace the old one from customer care. The official parts of Dyson have one year warranty.

Final Word

Four reasons why Dyson’s dc25 hose doesn’t work are very common. The same problem can happen with any brand of vacuum cleaner, not just Dyson. The Dyson dc25 hose troubleshooting is not tough to understand. You can solve some of the problems in your home. Follow the user guide to keep the cleaner clean and proper maintenance. Thus, you can enhance the lifespan of the vacuum.

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