Why Dyson DC59 Brush Bar Not Working – Easy Way to Troubleshoot


A few days ago, I noticed that my Dyson dc59 brush head was not spinning. That was a terrible situation for me. I went to visit my dad’s house and came back a few days later and noticed the terrible condition of the cleaner. There is no servicing shop near my house, so I could go and find out why the Dyson dc59 brush bar is not working.

But the happiest thing is that I had fixed this problem myself. If you try, you can also solve it because diagnosing and troubleshooting this problem is not too much complicated. Certain cases prevent the brush from spinning. I cover all the possibilities and back-to-back solutions through this article. 

Why Is My Dyson Dc59 Motorhead Not Spinning?

There are several reasons why Dyson dc59 won’t work. Most problems are straightforward, and you can quickly solve them. You do not have to go to the service center to solve every reason that blocks the brush head from spinning. Let’s start with a simple one.

Problem-1: Turned Off Brush Head Button

This first is for our mistake. Sometimes we forget to turn on the switch located on the brush head. It locks the motor unit. If the unit is locked, the motor of the vacuum becomes disconnected. So, the vacuum motor cannot power up the brush. As a result, Dyson’s cleaning brush head does not work


We need to turn off the button located near the head before cleaning the brush head. We forgot to turn on the switch after finishing the cleaning process. I have made the same mistake once or twice. So, you can unlock the unit by pressing the button near the cleaning head.

Problem-2: Wrong Height Setting

You know that the Dyson vacuum has different height settings. The different floor needs different height settings. If the Dyson vacuum brush head is set too low, it does not want to work correctly. The neighbor, next door to our house, had this problem after buying the first vacuum cleaner. So, I have listed it in this article. 


Many times in a hurry and by mistake, we forget to adjust the settings. Ensure to set the height setting to a level appropriate to the surface helps spin the brush ideally.

Problem-3: Wrong Brush Head Lock Position

You can remove Dyson vacuum cleaner’s head. It is a possible reason why the Dyson dc59 brush bars not spinning. You should lock the brush head of the vacuum in the proper place. Otherwise, the motor won’t provide power, and the brush won’t operate. I didn’t face this kind of issue. However, this kind of problem has come up through Google search. I am responsible for putting it here so that problem facers can get the solution from the next time.


If your Dyson unit has the same problem, then unplug the machine at first. Pull the head back and push the cleaner head towards the entire body of the vacuum until it is locked into the correct position. It may sound like a click.

Problem-4: Jammed Hair or Dirt 

Every day a lot of long hair indeed accumulated on the floor of our house. Again, if there are pets in our house, then debris like hair increases even more. If so, it is easy for the brush of Dyson vacuum cleaners to get jammed frequently. This is what happens in most cases. The brush gets stuck because there is so much crammed hair or debris in the brush. As a result, it cannot spin.


You have to remove the dirt from the Dyson dc59 brush. You can do it yourself by following some easy steps. The processes are very simple without spending zero bucks.

  • Unplug the cleaner.
  • Place it on the floor with your back facing so that you can access the brush bar.
  • You have to remove the knob screw to remove the brush bar from the brush assembly. 
  • You may need to use a coin for some models because the sole plate is too big for screwdrivers. 
  • Take off all the long hairs, threads, or fibers. You may require a pair of scissors to cut that debris if their amount is too much.
  • Don’t cut the bristles of the brush.
  • Cleaning is not over yet. You must clean the debris that clogged in the end. 
  • With a thin wire or shawl, you can get the dirt out of the end. There is more dirt in this part than in the brush bar.
  • Reinstall the brush to the brush bar assembly and make sure it is screwed tightly. 
  • Plug in the machine and check it.

Problem-5: Broken Drive Belt 

The fifth possibility is that the Dyson dc59 brush is not spinning because of the broken rubber drive belt. This belt connects the brush to the motor, and it may slip or crack over time. 


All the models have not come with a rubber belt. If your unit has a rubber belt and is broken, you can apply this solving process. But before using this method, you have to ensure that your unit provides a rubber belt or not.

  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner.
  • Place it on the floor with your back facing so that you can look at the brush bar.
  • Remove the cleaner head and carefully try to look at the brush mechanism.
  • If you see that the assembly center has two brushes separated by a drive mechanism, there is no belt to replace. This is the first case.
  • But if a single bar in your unit is spread across the assembly means the bar is controlled by a single belt located on one side. It is the second case, and if it is true, you have to replace it.
  • To replace the rubber drive belt, pull it out and place there a new one.
  • Finally, put the cleaner head back together.
  • Make sure the brush head is screwed tightly.

Is your Dyson vacuum cleaner brush still not spinning? There is no way it will happen again. If you think your Dyson dc59 brush is out of date and needs to be replaced, I have some clue for you. 

Replacing Dyson Motorhead

Official Motorhead

You can purchase a new official cleaner from Dyson’s official website. I am not sure if this brush head is available in local stores. It costs $200. It comes with a 1-year official warranty and lifetime help and support guarantee. It is also available on amazon. You can order it from Amazon for less than $150.

Replacement motorized Dyson DC59 vacuum cleaner head.

Official Motorhead from Amzon

Always there is an affordable option than Official items. You can purchase this high-rated Dyson dc59 motorhead for under $100. It is a plastic-made 35W motorhead. It comes with two years of limited warranty with some terms and conditions.

Replacing Dyson Brush Roller

Official Brush Roller

If your Dyson dc59 brush roll is damaged, you can purchase a brand new brush bar from the Dyson official store or order a new battery from the Dyson official website. Official brush bar from the Dyson website costs around $23.

Brush Roller from Amazon

We have two best unofficial brush rods for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Both of the brush rods are compatible with Dyson dc59. The first one comes with a carbon fiber brush, and the second one is a regular nylon brush. They are easy to purchase from Amazon. 

Final Words

Always try to keep your Dyson dc59 brush clean. Otherwise, the hair tangles always prevent rotating your Dyson dc59 brush. You will be surprised to know that almost every user faces this problem.

You can use numerous techniques to clean the brush. Try all the solutions described above, and your brush should be able to spin again.

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