Why The Dyson v11 Hard to Push on Carpet?


Dyson v11 is a well-known and popular vacuum cleaner. This cleaner is one of Dyson’s ideal vacuum cleaners. But despite it being an ideal cleaner, it faces thousands of questions from the user. In fact, not a thousand questions, one question is faced, but it is much larger. Users complain that their Dyson v11 is hard to push on the carpet.

Dyson Company has acknowledged this problem. According to their answer, they have created the Dyson v11 so that you have to push it hard to get it working on the soft carpet. It seems not suitable to most users, but the company has a good perspective. You don’t need to worry about it. Dyson v11 can clean soft carpets in low-power mode without pushing hard.

Why doesn’t the Dyson V11 Vacuum cleaner work on soft carpets?

The Dyson v11 is one of Dyson’s strongest cord-free vacuum cleaners. It is very powerful. On paper, it has the strongest suction than any cord-free Dyson vacuum. Simply, you will get 185 air watts of power. Not only in the power section, but it is also good in the hardware section. 

The Dyson v11 includes a high torque head. It is an automatic cleaning head that can change its suction according to what type of floor it is on. It is a machine, and it works based on the algorithm. So, when you are cleaning a soft or thick carpet, Dyson vacuum increases too much suction on carpet.

The automatic suction mechanism manages Dyson attachment for high pile carpet. While the suction level is higher, the cleaner can clean easily in one move. That’s the way its algorithm works. But the problem is that as the suction level increases, a user has to use a lot of force to operate the cleaner. This makes it very difficult to use. 

The automatic suction level operating system is convenient for some users. But this exact mechanism causes some users to suffer in extreme cases. We have some easy methods to use the cleaner comfortably, and you don’t have to return to the new vacuum cleaner you purchased. 

Let’s get into the next part to find some way to use Dyson v11 comfortably.

How to Troubleshoot Dyson v11 Absolute Carpet Head?

Having higher suction is a common problem with all Dyson v11 vacuum cleaners. Though it has an automatic motor, it creates problems on thick carpet. We have two different solutions to solve this matter. The first one is the company recommended. If, after applying the first method, you still find it hard to move the Dyson V-11 on the carpet, you can try the second method simultaneously.

Solution-1: Change The cleaning Mode (Brand Recommended)

The Dyson V11 torque drive vacuum cleaner head has an integrated digital motor that rotates the brush bar up to 60 times per second. It also includes three cleaning modes to balance the power and run time of the cleaner.

But the cleaner gets complicated because of the brush head. The self-adjustable cleaner head should work perfectly in all flooring types, but unfortunately, it stuck on the soft carpet. You should use eco-mode so that the carpet strands don’t get caught in the brush bar mechanism. The eco-mode decreases the suction of the head and makes it easy to move on the soft and thick carpet.

Solution – 2: Push Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson v11 doesn’t have a wheel or roller on the bottom, and we have noticed that if you push it a bit, it will move ideally. You don’t need to push hard. A Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner is great to use because it is very light and portable, and you can use it with the attachments that come with it on your carpet.

Final Word

Dyson v11 is a lightweight and automatic cordless vacuum cleaner. But the automatic section does not work well on thick carpet. If you have it in ‘Boost’ mode and it is very difficult to push due to suction, you can go to ‘Auto’ or ‘Echo’ mode. 

If the Dyson v11 is hard to push on the carpet again, apply the second method with switching mode. Hopefully, it doesn’t trouble you because the machine is very lightweight.

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