Dyson V11 not Working after Cleaning Filter


Dyson V11 is one of the most popular and expensive cordless vacuums, an extremely powerful cleaning device. Many times, it stops working due to dirty air filters. Some of our audience asked that they have cleaned the air filter, but their Dyson v11 is not working. They have requested our help to solve why is Dyson V11 not working after cleaning the filter?

It is a rule to clean Dyson v11’s air filter once a month. But what if you return the filter after cleaning and your Dyson V11 no longer works? Let’s find out the reason and Dyson v11 troubleshooting method after cleaning the filter?

Dyson V11 not Working after Cleaning Filter

We have to clean the Dyson vacuum air filter every month. After cleaning it, if you find the Dyson vacuum not working, there must be something wrong with the device. It would be best if you always prepared before something arises like it. Check our troubleshooting parts to get the best possible results if you already face this.

Read this short article till you find the quick fix. We have found three reasons why the Dyson vacuum is not working after the cleaning filter. They are given below:

Problem 1: Wet Filter

The first one we include is your mistake. Back-to-back two days, our two audiences informed us about their problem. We found out that their air filter was wet when we talked to them. Now realize how careless you are. It is an electric device. Water is its biggest enemy because this vacuum cleaner is not waterproof.

If the air filter is too wet, if even one or two drops of water accidentally enter the machine, the whole device may be damaged. They should have been careful, and you have to be careful. Moreover, a wet air filter restricts airflow, and the vacuum shuts down itself.


The solution is easy, and you should keep in mind it dry the filter properly after every wash. Leave the wet filter in a clean place with optimal airflow. Don’t use a hairdryer or keep the filter under direct sunlight. Otherwise, the filter will be damaged.

Problem 2: Incorrect Installation

It is the second wrong you guys did while installing an air filter in the vacuum. Some people are always in a hurry, somehow install the air filter and leave the device. And when it comes time to clean the room, they find that their cleaner is not working. They only exaggerate their guilt through their fault. If the filter is not installed correctly, it won’t work. In addition to twisting the unit incorrectly, it is also possible that debris is stuck, and the filter prevents the team from fitting in place.


To fix this problem, you have to remove the air filter first. Inspect the areas where the filter comes in contact with the vacuum and make sure there is no debris. If there is any, clean the garbage with a soft microfiber cloth.

Problem 3: Failed Motorhead

After drying the filter and reattaching it in the clean area means, Dyson V11 should work now. If the device is not still working, the motorhead is failed. There is a big possibility that the motor sucked the water from the wet filter, and it was damaged so that it could no longer function properly. What a big mess this is! We can say for sure that a short circuit has damaged the motorhead.


The solution is not easy because it will cost you money now. You have to replace the Dyson V11 motorhead. You will get the genuine Dyson v11 replaceable motorhead from the Dyson replacement center. Contact them to replace it.

Final Word 

 We have discussed all possible reasons and solutions to fix if your Dyson V11 is not working after cleaning the filter. There is no need to go for replacement at the beginning. Apply the first two troubleshooting methods. We are at the end of our advice. Dyson V11 is an expensive investment. So always be careful while using it.

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