Dyson v7 not charging – How to Fix


It is a matter of huge concerning that your Dyson v7 is not charging. Your home needs to be clean now, but you realize that your Dyson v7 not holding charge. It would be best if you again tried to charge it. If it works, then okay. Otherwise, you have to take some necessary steps.

Read this article to find the problem and process of troubleshooting.

Why is Dyson v7 Battery Not Charging?

There are many reasons behind the Dyson v7 charging issue. We cannot say that it is only a battery or charger problem. Any internal occurrence may happen also. So, we should understand the problem at first, and then look for the solution. 

We will discuss each problem and try to know the solution immediately. All the troubleshooting processes are easy, and most of them are cheap also. Some official items may cost you more bucks.

Problem-1: Cracked Battery Casing

The battery of the Dyson v7 vacuum is placed inside the handle. You should check the battery pack first. If the battery pack is cracked or damaged, it prevents charging. This is the casing problem. You don’t need to change the battery here. Replace the battery pack only.


Cracks in the casing will usually cause permanent damage to the battery pack, and it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. 

Problem-2: Outlet Problem

Your electrical outlet may be bad, so your cordless vacuum is not charging. Plugin the charger to another outlet to ensure it. If the charging light is working, it is sure that the problem is inside the first outlet. 

To be 100% sure, you can charge the mobile once in the previous outlet. Check the mobile is charging or not. You will get the answer easily.


If the outlet you use for charging is not working, simply charge the vacuum with another charging outlet. Call a technician to fix the damaged outlet.

Problem-3: Damage Charging Cable

Nowadays, many users are facing charging cable issues. Mainly, it happens because of the lack of proper maintenance. They told us that their Dyson v7 is not charging correctly. We asked them to try all possibilities. Finally, they found that their charging cable was damaged.


It is not possible to replace only charger cable. You can try to fix the damaged part of the cable using a tape. This method is capable of repairing cables in many cases. And if not, you need to buy a new charger.

Problem-4: Blocked Airways

If any object like socks gets stuck inside it, you can see that charging is disrupted. You should clean the cleaner regularly. Otherwise, the air intake pipe may close. It may shut down the machine unexpectedly. This issue may create permanent damage to your Dyson vacuum cleaner.


A blocked airflow will cut out the device for safety reasons. So, you should clean the airways on a regular basis. You have to check it while your vacuum is not charging. Just remove the blocked sock or mess. Your Dyson v7 battery will start charging.

Problem-5: Damaged Fuse

The vacuum cleaner has a fuse in the charger. It may blow anytime. The damaged fuse interrupts charging the battery. Many people have problems with the fuse of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner charger fuses are at risk of blowing most of the time. It is not a big issue. You can replace it by spending little bucks.


The fuse is under a small panel in the plug. You have to remove the plug and then pop the damaged fuse. It will have an amp reading in front of it so that you can replace it with the right level of power.

Problem-6: Battery Issue

A Dyson v7 cleaner battery pack has a maximum of 3-4 years of lifespan. A cordless Dyson vacuum comes with a lithium-ion battery, which loses its efficiency after crossing a specific cycle limit. This dead battery issue is seen after 2 to 3 years of using. But how do you check Dyson v7 battery issue?

You can understand the battery issue by the Dyson v7 light flashing red. 95% red flashlight cases have required replacing Dyson battery. The red light may pulse 4 to 32 times while charging.


You can quickly solve vacuum battery problem by replacing the battery. There are both official and unofficial batteries available in the market. Official batteries are expensive. You can buy a budget-friendly Dyson v7 compatible battery from Amazon.

Problem-7: Charging Dock or Adapter Issue

Dyson vacuum batteries may not charge for the problematic charger. You can understand charger issue by the presence of blue light blinks. Plugin the charger into the outlet and keep the machine on the charging dock. If you see the blue light blinking many times that means the charger is not working perfectly. You should know why the Dyson V7 light is flashing blue.

It happens because of the lack of proper voltage. The blue light blinks when the charger cannot supply the proper voltage to the charging dock. It doesn’t mean that you have to change your Dyson vacuum. Hundreds of customers have faced this blue light problem. You can solve it by replacing the charger.


You have to change the charger if you face two types of issues. 

  1. The charging cable is damaged.
  2. Blue flashlight blinking in the charger.

If you see the above cases in your Dyson vacuum, you must change the charger with a new one. But before replacing it with a new charger, you should be sure about the charger problem. You can try your friend’s or neighbor’s vacuum charging dock or charger to be sure about this issue. Then you can take your decision. You can purchase both official and unofficial charger.

Problem-8: Dust

Most of the times stop charging it for dirt to accumulate inside your vacuum cleaner. The connection between the battery and the vacuum is obstructed due to the accumulation of dirt in the interior of the vacuum cleaner.


Just clean the vacuum interior and your Dyson v7 gets back in use.

Problem-9: Clogging Attachment

It is an unpredictable problem that most users face. The problem here was that the stick was stuck near the head of the brush. We don’t have a complete idea about clogged attachment. We’ve seen this problem in very small amounts. But there is a trick you can apply. Most cases this trick works.


Once you clear their heads, this problem may be solved. It is a trick.

Dyson v7 Replacement Battery

Official Battery

You can replace a new official battery from the Dyson official store or order a new battery from Dyson official website. Official battery costs more than $90.

Unofficial Battery

So, an official battery is not a reasonable choice for everyone. We have two best unofficial batteries for your Dyson v7 for under 50$. Both batteries are 4000mAh and 21.6V electricity supported. Both offer 12 months service guarantee with safety.

KUNLUN 21.6V 4.0Ah V7 Replacement Battery Compatible with V7 Battery V7 Absolute V7 Motorhead Pro V7 Trigger V7 Fluffy V7 HEPA Li-ion SV11 Battery [ONLY Fit for V7 Series]

Dyson v7 Replacement Charger

Official Charger

You can purchase a new official charger from Dyson’s official website. We are not sure if this charger is available in local stores. The official charger costs $30.

Unofficial Charger

Always there is an affordable option than Official items. You can purchase this high-rated charger from Amazon for under $20. This 26.1V Dyson replacement charger provides a 6ft long cable and 1-year warranty. It is also UL safety certified.

Final Word

At this bottom line, we want to say; there are different reasons behind why your cordless Dyson v7 is not charging. There is a solution for each of the problems. We only request that you do not make any hasty decision in case of any problem.

Try to find out the problem at first, and then apply the solution. Otherwise, both your money and your cleaner will go to waste.

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