Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Rewind Brush Roll not Spinning? Fixed it Now


It is a common problem to find your brush roll is not spinning. Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Rewind has improved and powerful suction. When the brush roll won’t spin justly; you might feel loose of suction primarily. Very soon, it would stop working too. It will no longer be able to capture dirt from the surfaces. Keep reading with us to know more about it and ways to solve the mystery of “brush roll not spinning”.

The first thing you need to check is the stretch belt of your vacuum cleaner. It is situated just beside the brush roll. Check whether it got broken or not. If you find it damaged, then the obvious thing to do is the replacement the belt. However, it might be loose only, in that case, you have to reinsert it again.  

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Why Brush Roll is not Spinning?

Apart from the belt, which we just talked about, some other facts might cause Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Rewind brush roller not to spin; such as:

Larger Debris:

Sometimes your vacuum may face some unexpected and larger debris which is slightly challenging to the machine. While dealing with such stubborn dirt, the belt may get misplaced a bit and the brush roller gets stopped or blocked. Again it is related to the belt, isn’t it? So, you need to be extra cautious before applying it on large and uncommon debris next time.


How old is your vacuum cleaner? The brush roller may have been providing services for a longer period. So it is time to unclog it or replace it with a fresh one. It is inexpensive!

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Clogged Brush Roll:

It is possible that your brush roll is being blocked by large messy human hair or pet fur. Remove the dirt and hair from the body of the brush roll and put it again accordingly, hope it will work. Otherwise, consider replacing it.

Full Dust carrier:

Check whether the dust carrier or trash bin is full or not. Your vacuum cleaner won’t work and the brush won’t spin if you don’t clean it immediately.

Power Connectivity:

Sometimes the motor attached to the brush roller is not getting connected properly. In another word, it can not absorb enough power needed to run the brush roller. Check your plug-in and other wires in case anything gets fused or something like that.

How to fix Brushroll won’t spin problem?

Follow these steps to fix Brush roll not spinning problem:

Unplug the Canister:

Lay down the vacuum cleaner. Check the backside of the vacuum cleaner,use a simple screwdriver to eject the canister. You probably will find the belt is loose out or broken. Clean the roller and reattach with the same belt if it is not broken. Hopefully, it works better now. Our recommendation is to buy a new belt if it is worn out for overusing it.

Do it Right:

Find an appropriate and smooth as well as flat surface to dismantle your machine while tasting the belt and brush roller, otherwise, it would bring more suffering.

Check the Wires:

Check the plug-in wires and other attachments and connections. Perhaps the motor is not taking the start for a loose joint or similar things like that.

Finally, if you have gone through all the steps but still it is not working or brush roll is not spinning then take it to experts. Because chances there that you might be causing more harm than fixing it by doing it inappropriately.

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