Hoover WindTunnel 2 Rewind won’t turn on? Fix now


Hoover WindTunnel 2 Rewind is a great vacuum cleaner with a limited budget. The wind tunnel technology boosts its suction and it can absorb all sorts of debris efficiently. However, due to overusing or inappropriate plugging, it could stop working suddenly. Frankly speaking, some other reasons could cause a situation like this and you might start feeling about this vacuum cleaner.

Trust me you can fix these problems easily. Apart from the two reasons we stated already there could be a clogged brush roll or maybe the airflow is getting blocked by somehow and thus it stopped your vacuum cleaner. Replacing some parts like a belt, the filter may help in some cases.

Here, we will show you how to identify the problem of your Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Rewind, not only that but also how to solve it so that it would work properly again.

Basic Check

Well, the basic checking to find out the most common problem that occurs not turning on of a vacuum cleaner is simple.

First, you need to check whether the Brush roll is spinning or not. Because in most cases the brush rolls get clogged with human or pet hairs and stopped spinning. It is obvious if the brush roll is not moving properly it can’t work accordingly. So check this out and clean it. You need to take off the four screws from the bottom of the canister to eject the brush roller. It is simple to clean. After that, put it again to the exact place. If cleaning does not help, replace the brush roll. You can buy this Hoover Brushroll from Amazon with a good deal.

Next, check the stretch belt of your vacuum cleaner. It might get loose or broken. Try to fix it or replace it with a new one. It is cheap. This Hoover Flat belt will work with all the wind tunnel series of Hoover.

Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 is not turning on: How to fix it?

So if you have checked and tried the basic fixing and your vacuum cleaner is still not working then it might have caused by some other facts. Let’s find out these and settle the issue.  


In many cases, the plug-in of the vacuum cleaner is not appropriately adjusted. Try to use to different plug-in and insert it carefully again.


Not only the brush roller but also the suction nozzle and hoses can be clogged and block the vacuum cleaner. Clean it with a stick or by a coin to ensure it is clear and not tangled.  


Try to give your vacuum cleaner and prevent it from overusing. Because overheating blocks the airflow and thus slowly can occur bigger problems. Feel the hot temper and don’t let it overheated.

Full Dust bag:

Sometimes semi-full or full dust bag won’t let your vacuum cleaner turning on. Clean it immediately when you feel reduce of suction power. It can also cause overheating of the machine and may the vacuum cleaner will not turn on afterward.

Cleaning the Filter:

Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Rewind two has filters. The pre-motor filters should be cleaned and wiped out the dirt in every 45 days. Similarly, you need to check the HEPA filters as well. Dirty and messed filters will often cause loss of suction and eventually, it causes to not turning on the vacuum.

Good to know

We hope, being aware of the direct reasons for not turning it on will help you to solve the problem. However, there are certain things you should know before using this Hoover UH71250. It will prevent your machine from unwanted and unexpected trouble.

Using of Self propeller:

It is recommended to turn on the self-propeller button while dealing with a large mess or stubborn dirt, it helps to prevent frequent clogging with hairs and similar things.

Clean filter properly:

You need to turn off the power. The first thing you should remove the dirt canister and eject the filter. It is recommended to rinse the filter with fresh water for at least 2 minutes and keep it for drying and reuse after 24 hours. Be careful about the wet filter and never put it back before it gets dry completely. It could cause danger. Also, the HEPA filter should not be cleaned by water rather just clean with simple tapping.

Lastly, Hoover WindTunnel is a top-rated vacuum with maximum suction capability. It can take care of your whole house. Follow the troubleshooting methods we discussed here to get the best of it. It is easy to maintain and it is a bagless design so you can clean it often to improve your suction further. Replace the parts if necessary or you have used it much.

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