Shark Ion Robot Not Charging: What Should I Do Now?


Shark ion robot vacuum is great device to clean your home. It is far better than a manual vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to operate it manually. Robot vacuum automatically cleans the floor of your house, cuts down dust and other allergic substance. It is a fully automatic floor cleaner. This device can change your life, giving you more free time.

But here is a common problem most of the ion you can face this problem in any series. But this is not a big issue. You can troubleshoot it if your vacuum shark ion robot is not charging. But there are some reasons behind this problem. We should have an idea about this in advance so that we can solve the problem. You do not have to run the mechanic to solve this problem.

Why Shark Robot Vacuum Won’t Charge

If you face such a charging problem with the shark ion robot, you have to identify the issue; otherwise, you cannot understand what to do and how to solve it. Here are some possible reasons to identify this charging problem.

Battery Fault

You have correctly plugged in the shark robot vacuum charger, and you are sure that there is no fault in the plug or charging cable. That means your battery is dead if the outlet you are using is not working correctly. Check your battery is losing charge quickly or not. Check your battery charging time and speed. 

There is no doubt that the battery will charge if the connection is correct. But if the battery is damaged, it will not be able to utilize the charge as required. Flashing light is one of the simple of dead battery. Simply, you don’t have any option without replacing the battery at that time.

Dirty Dock Sensor

The shark ion vacuum won’t charge if the charging sensor is dirty. In such cases, you put the Roomba on the dock and set it on the floor, but the ion robot is not charging. You don’t see any charging lights in the Roomba or the dock. If you lift up the shark robot vacuum, it starts charging. This means that all your charging properties are fine. The sensor is not working properly due to dirt.

Faulty Outlet

At first, ensure the power source is on, and the Roomba is appropriately connected to the dock. Plugin the outlet or power strip, whatever you say. If there is a problem with the outlet, then Roomba won’t charge. 

There are three simple ways to check out the faulty outlet. 

  • Charge a mobile phone or connect a lamp to the same outlet. If the light doesn’t work on or mobile doesn’t charge, there is a fault in the outlet.
  • Plug in the dock into another outlet. Now connect the shark ion robot vacuum on the dock. If you see the blue charging light flows without issues, then the outlet you are suing is disturbed.
  • There is a green light side of the charging station. If the light is off after plugging it into an outlet, then try with a different outlet.

Power Switch is Turned Off

There is a power switch in the robot vacuum. Many users don’t know about it. I am not joking; it is true. You can understand this by visiting the Q&A website. They turned off the switch and asked their shark ion robot was not charging. There is a switch you will find in the robot cleaner like the below image.

Before charging, ensure the switch is on. Otherwise, it won’t charge.

Shark Ion Robot Troubleshooting

Clean the Debris

You can buy a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove this dirt. Ion Robot website recommends this to buy.

Shark ion Cleaning mode

You have to take the eraser and clean the debris of the charging dock. There are two contact points back of the shark ion robot vacuum. Clean those points also using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Now dry the points and then connect the robot to the charging dock. I Hope your shark ion robot will charge properly. You will see the charging light in both the dock and robot vacuum.

Change the Outlet

There are two simple solutions if the power source is not working.

  • Replace the old outlet with a new one.
  • Charge the vacuum robot with a second outlet in the room.

Replace the Battery

If the robot does not charge even after applying the troubleshooting processes described above, there is no other option without replacing the battery. Before replacing, go to a vacuum repair shop or try youtube for dissembly. They will diagnose the cleaner. If they ask for any parts replacement, including battery, then make a replace and fix the issue.

You can also gather more resources from the Shark support center.

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