Shark UV700 Filter Replacement


Shark vacuum cleaners have standard filtration mechanisms and these are very handy to use. Most of these filters are long-lasting and require minimum maintenances. Shark UV700 filter is one such exclusive item. We hope you are receiving a great service since you bought it.

However, in this article, we are going to share some thoughts on when to replace the filter for a better result. Not only that but also we will show you how to do it. In the end, you will find some excellent recommendations for replacing Shark UV 700 filters with your vacuum cleaner.

Why you need to replace it:

After using a couple of months you may feel some deduction of the suction power of your shark vacuum cleaner. You may also notice it takes too long to pick dirt from surfaces and sometimes odorize a bad smell. It will result in a restriction on airflow as well. Well if you did not know it, then remember it happens mainly due to poor maintenance of filtration on your vacuum cleaner.

Also sometimes your filter could just break accidentally and needs replacements. 

It is better to clean the pre-motor filter regularly. If you don’t have a larger place or house then you need to wash it once a month at least. On the other hand, you need to remove or eject the post-motor HEPA filter completely every six months. This cleaning could save you from replacing the filters. Generally, Shark UV 700 filters can exist and perform well for more than two years.

Having said this about regular cleaning of filters, we found if you replace your filters after a year it won’t cost you much, but you will get a boost to the cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner. Most of these extremely suitable Shark UV 700 filters you can buy at less than $20 from Amazon. Keep reading with us and we will provide you some top-notch shark filter replacements.

In most cases, if you gently rinse by water and dry your pre-motor filters or the foam, it may not cause trouble very often. On the other hand, the HEPA filtration also needs special attention and regular replacing and cleaning.  

How to replace Shark UV 700 filter:

Well replacing the filter is not a difficult deal. If you own a Shark duo clean lift away upright vacuum cleaner then you may have to change both pre and post-motor filters. Here are few tips to do it perfectly:

HEPA filter:

To replace or change the HEPA filter or post-motor filtration, first, you need to unplug the vacuum cleaner. Then gently remove the front grill of the vacuum cleaner. Pressing the lower part of the grill would help to release the cover easily. Pull the old one and replace the new one. Then assemble the vacuum cleaner. It’s easy and hassle-free.

Foam Filter:

To remove and replace the Foam felt filter which is also called the pre-motor filter, remove the canister first. You can do it by pressing the two buttons located at the upper handle. These two buttons are located at the behind and downside of the canister.

Then by using the tab pull the foam and felt filter. Then replace the new one and next reattach the canister smoothly. Wait for the `click sound’ to confirm that you plugged it justly.

However, Shark UV 700 filters are mostly reusable and can be washed by water. Then it is better to keep it dry for 24 hours before reusing.

Shark UV 700 filter replacements: Best items you must buy

So if you have decided to buy the filter replacement for your shark vacuum cleaner and you want a steady one with a balanced budget. Then we welcome you to these wonderful choices which may fulfill your need perfectly. Buy any of the lists and you won’t regret it!

Colorfullife 2 Hepa Filter 4 Foam 

This is an exclusive filtration from Colourfullife and they have kept the price very reasonable too. As the name suggests it has four pieces of foam and 2 HEPA replacements. 

 You are going to have a one-month money-back trial and a one-year warranty with these replacements. However, you might find the HEPA filter a little larger and difficult to fit in.

2 HEPA + 4 Foam & Felt Filters by Leadaybetter 

This replacement also includes double HEPA and 4 foam filters. Works great with Shark duo cleans. It has a very soft and light design, can be less than 1 lbs weight. Also, it never smells bad and full body of the filter can be washed. 

You can also look for the following items:

Finally, maintain your filters proper way to get a better result. But if you find anomalies or feel that it is not performing up to the standard level, before buying a new vacuum clear, simply replace it with suitable filter replacements for your Shark UV700. You will instantly get back the previous performance. It works! really!.


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